April 1, 2015

Warby Parker April Fool’s: Introducing Warby Barker

Here at Delucchi Plus we’re big fans of Warby Parker, including naming them a Brand Voice All Star back in January. Not surprisingly, they’ve done it again and just unveiled the perfect product line extension that the market was demanding: Warby Barker, a limited-edition Canine Collection in chew-resistant acetate.

Warby Barker’s new vintage-inspired collection includes not only prescription eyewear and sunglasses, but the long-awaited dog-ocle. As promotes, “Friends don’t let friends wear unattractive eyewear – why wouldn’t you extend the same courtesy to your pet?”

Similar to the Warby Parker model, great-looking and environmentally friendly frames are available for home try-on for no charge, because your dog deserves to look as great as you do. Personally, I am in love the with wide array of colors available in the collection, including spiced liver, lobster bisque, gravy burst, and dusty bacon. Einstein the white poodle, one of in-house models at the company, is my favorite addition to the team as he perfectly models the Mabel, the highlight piece of the Spring sunwear offerings.

More exciting than Warby Parker’s ability to deliver beautiful prescription glasses to your door for less than $100 has always been their “Buy a pair, give a pair” policy of giving back. For every pair of glasses bought for a human, a donation is made to a nonprofit partner covering the cost of another pair of glasses. We are currently awaiting comment to see if Warby Barker will adhere to this same corporate philosophy and donate prescription glasses to shelter dogs in need.

Cheers to man’s best friend finally having designer eyewear options at a drool-worthy price!