Social Media Community Manager


You were doing Facebook Live before it was a thing, know the difference between Canva and a Canvas Ad, can describe to your grandmother and predicted the success of 360 content before Mashable did. You “get” Snapchat and can help brands identify cost-effective, sustainable and measurable ways to leverage it for their businesses. You can align social media tactics with business objectives and, for example, name different reasons why a brand should try Instagram stories versus On-demand Geofilters versus a user-generated content contest. You know how to set up keyword searches in Hootsuite, what queries to monitor for a client, and how and where to find social media conversations relative to a an apartment building, a cookie or a nonprofit organization. In a nutshell: You’re a social-savvy, content-driven curator and community manager who knows how to connect content with target audiences, get them to engage with it in a meaningful way, and track performance across platforms to meet business objectives. Ideally you’ve also got a photographer’s eye, know your way around VSCO editing functions, and fancy yourself a witty writer. Most of all, you’ve got a can-do attitude and a thirst for trying, testing and refining new ideas in the social space.


Job Overview

The Social Community Manager (SCM) manages a portfolio of client social media communities on a daily basis, proactively working to increase engagement and evolve strategy based on insights around content performance. The SCM facilitates conversation among community members, serving as the voice of the brand to the community, and the voice of the community to the brand. The SCM is a nurturer within the community, and a troubleshooter when necessary. The SCM works alongside key stakeholders on the Engagement Team — including content strategists (Strategy), content producers (Creative), and content syndicators (PR and Paid Social) — in developing a social community management playbook, mapping out monthly editorial calendars, and collaborating on content with the design studio. This means planning content, providing art direction on content development and curating relevant content from the web; posting and boosting planned content; actively monitoring relevant keywords, hashtags and influencers; monitoring and responding to reviews and mentions; and proactively evolving the strategy to meet client objectives and activate the community.

Essential functions of an SCM include: Monitoring and moderating social platforms for assigned accounts; encouraging engagement with ask/respond tactics; ideating and implementing user generated content contests (UGC); guiding social community-aimed marketing; promoting the community; curating relevant news and posts from community members and influencers; tracking and reporting community metrics and content performance; identifying trends and conducting topical market research.

Reports to Senior Social Media Community Manager


Channel and Community Management

  • Serve as the in-house expert on established and emerging social media platforms and best practices for achieving business objectives on each using organic content and paid advertising techniques
  • Remain on the cutting edge of how to boost content reach and performance on all mainstream social media platforms by monitoring and testing audiences, time of day, calls-to-action, etc.
  • Understand how good content and paid strategies combine in the digital space to amplify reach to specific audiences
  • Serve as the “voice” of our clients in the social space keeping a pulse on the tone of audience interaction and responding to all questions and inquiries
  • Develop a point of view on what content performs well and why
  • Collaborate with Content Strategists in the development of social media playbooks for new clients, including community promotions, engagement strategies and tactics
  • Collaborate with Content Producers on monthly editorial calendars that outline planned content for the following month
  • Collaborate with Content Producers on content development
  • Communicate and promote new community features or procedures to clients and other staff
  • Innovate new ways to engage audiences through content in the digital space in measurable ways; stay on top of contesting and other platforms that integrate with social channels
  • Identify, follow, and engage with influencers, hashtags and conversations in the social space when appropriate to insert clients into relevant ongoing conversations.
  • Oversee the technical and administration aspects of various channels and communities, including working with platform reps to address, resolve, and communicate any issues related features and functionality; provide technical support to Delucchi Plus staff
  • Develop and maintain social community training resources, guidelines, and policies; provides internal and external community training as necessary.

Reporting and Analysis

  • Manage social media ad campaign spend and reconcile checkbooks monthly
  • Manage client accounts and relevant search queries in Sprout Social and Sysomos to ensure we are gathering accurate and relevant data about content performance
  • Produce monthly content performance reports that highlight notable metrics and engagements, analyze what worked well and what didn’t, and articulate how we’ll adapt our approach going forward to continually improve performance
  • Understand client business objectives and translate content performance into those objectives

Required Competencies:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in marketing or communications
  • Superior writing, grammar, editing and communication skills
  • Advanced knowledge of social media platform best practices
  • Basic knowledge of social media ad campaigns and targeting capabilities
  • 1-3 years of experience managing social media platforms for a brand
  • Demonstrated interest in emerging social media tactics and platforms and initiative in exploring their potential applications with current and future clients
  • Experience with consumer-facing lifestyle brands a plus
  • Familiarity with Facebook Business Manager a plus
  • Familiarity with Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Sprout Social and Sysomos a plus


  • Along with resume, please send a cover letter explaining what brands you have managed in the social space, the social campaigns of which you are most proud to have worked on, and salary requirements, to