July 20, 2017

Our Culture: The Candy Bar Can!

With our dearly beloved office manager Lucie Smith taking a well-earned break, I have been assigned to take her spot at the front desk. This makes sense – I’m the intern, the new kid on the block.

As I sit at my new desk, lounging in the lobby that I have made my private office, I frequently hear a rustle, followed by the clang of metal on glass. By the time I look up, the culprit is scurrying away – their bounty? A treat from our office’s famous candy bar.

Featuring a wide variety of snacks to meet all dietary desires, the candy bar is regular port of call for all members of our DC staff. From York’s Peppermint Patties and Hershey’s Kisses to a selection of nut and granola packets from Trader Joe’s, the bar has everything you could ever need. Oh, and for some reason there are Tootsie Rolls, but don’t worry, no one appears to touch them.

Like clockwork each day, various staff members head to the candy bar at very specific times seeking nourishment. And I’ve been taking notes…

9:00 am

These are the first trips of the day, right as people arrive in the morning. I know what you are thinking, “Who is going to the candy bar first thing in the morning?” but the granola and yogurt chip nut mix is a morning must have. By far the most popular of all the nut mix choices (of which there are five), you have to get there quick as stock runs out fast.

10:30 am

This is an interesting time for the snack bar. Everyone is looking for a little something just to get them through to lunch, but what do you go for? The healthy nuts and berries or a sweet Peppermint Patty? I can proudly say that the nut mixes are chosen four times out of five, with co-workers deciding that their ice coffees had plenty of sugar to last the morning. But there is always a hand or two that strays towards the sweeter end of the selection. Not that I am judging, my self-control is pathetic.


The post-lunch snacking rush is one of the busiest times of the day. Even though our office is located in the middle of some of DC’s best lunch spots (GCDC is a personal favorite), supplementing your midday meal with a much deserved dessert is understandable. Werther’s Originals and Life Savers are the classic go-to palate cleanser for many.

3:00 pm

Here is where the candy bar becomes a real life saver (no pun intended). As we head into the middle of the afternoon, all thoughts of the nut selection go out the window, with chocolate the only medicine that can satisfy that sweet tooth. With Peppermint Patties flying out the jars, the Tootsie Rolls look across sadly, wondering if anyone will ever even consider them. No, sit down Tootsie Rolls. You are in for the long haul.

5:00 pm

The end of the day is near, and that lunchtime salad from Chop’t seems like years ago. The belly starts to rumble and a quick sugar rush can help turn what for many offices is a slow hour, into one of the most productive times of the day. Hershey’s Kisses are in high demand at this point and the occasional rogue Twizzlers is scoffed down between the final meetings and calls.

Of course, the day ends for many staff members with a well-earned treat to celebrate another successful day. However, the real question I know my avid readers (Hi Mom!) have been wanting to ask me is, ‘Joel, who are you seeing coming up the most?’ Well, honestly, it’s me. Leaving me unsupervised with large amounts of candy is not good for anyone. So for the sake of my waistline, please come back Lucie!!