The Delucchi Plus Internship

We don’t eat (very many) doughnuts and all Delucchi Plus employees are expertly trained Keurig operators — so there’s no food-fetching or coffee-making as part of this internship! Our junior content creators play an integral, hands-on role at our digital marketing agency and work directly with Directors, Vice Presidents and our Chief Creative Officer on brand research, messaging, copywriting and content production initiatives. We provide an education-focused experience designed to prepare college students and recent college graduates for fast-paced agency life:

  • Learn how to identify, analyze and compare brand messaging
  • Learn how to evaluate social media communities and content
  • Learn how to write SEO-optimized website copy and meta data
  • Build social media photo, video, editing and production skills
  • Get a crash course in writing and editing with AP Style
  • Participate in creative brainstorms
  • Contribute regular blog posts to the agency blog and establish your industry voice
  • Develop relationships across the agency via our lunch-and-learn series
  • Cross-train in other disciplines and service areas through Delucchi University programming

View current internship opportunities and requirements on our internship employment page.

Internship Testimonials

This internship definitely seemed like a realistic preview of what it’s like to actually work at an agency. I was able to contribute to real projects for clients and did work that went way above and beyond what I would expect to do at an internship. I learned about jobs that I didn’t even know existed, and had the chance to work with almost every member of the team here. I feel like I have a much better understanding of the roles within an agency after this experience. Overall, I was able to wear a lot of different hats and touch a lot of different work; I feel more competent in the areas of research, SEO, and creating social content.”

-Lisa Tomanelli, Virginia Commonwealth University, Class of 2015


“As a business major and a DC (well, kinda) native I knew I wanted to find a marketing internship in the District that would allow me to flex my creative muscles and stay close to home. I’ve always loved but been fairly intimidated by the writing process and thought Delucchi’s Creative Content Internship position would be a perfect way for me to step out of my comfort zone, expand my repertoire, and hone my wordsmith ability. I can honestly say that this internship has helped me achieve all that I had hoped and so much more. Agency life, or from what I’ve seen on it, is fast-paced, always evolving, and so, so interesting. I’m extremely grateful for the experience, not just because it was a truly stimulating and gratifying one but also because I know what I’ve learned at Delucchi will be applicable to whatever path I choose to pursue down the road.”

– Hannah Clark, College of William and Mary, Class of 2016

You have really showed me how to mix professionalism with fun, and I am especially eternally grateful for you calling me out when I made mistakes. There is no other way to learn, and I feel like I grew the most from your suggestions and from watching your lead. You hold everyone around you to an incredibly high standard, and I (and all of Delucchi Plus) are better for it.”

-Danny Hoffman, University of Maryland at College Park, Class of 2015


The people working at Delucchi are hysterical, hard-working and down-to-earth. It helped me to break out of my shell quickly when I started my internship! I’ve learned more in the past 13 weeks at Delucchi Plus than a textbook ever teach me. In school you learn about an agency life or hear good and bad stories about it, but being able to have firsthand experience in an advertising agency is invaluable!

-Karianne Johnson, Kent State University, Class of 2015

An agency is just so different from any other workplace, everyone works together and each part of the process is just as important as the next. This experience really helped me shape my path more – I know for sure now that I want to work in an agency!”

-Neha Kamran, Bryn Mawr College, Class of 2015