February 6, 2014

When Two Become One: Blue Bug Digital Merges with Parent Brand Delucchi Plus

Milk and Cookie - Delucchi Plus

Batman + Robin. Peanut butter + jelly. Oreos + milk (scratch that – a yummy Mrs. Fields Milk Chocolate Chip + milk!) The world is full of groundbreaking partnerships, and now it has another: the newly relaunched Delucchi Plus. We’ve merged our sister company Blue Bug Digital into the Delucchi Plus brand to become one creative powerhouse that inspires businesses to find their voice, live their brand truth, and transform the way they communicate to accelerate growth. Thinking big, executing creatively and always with measurable results, we’re ready to go down as one of the most dynamic duos in D.C. History.

Already a proven partner in creating stories and experiences that are anchored in data and managed with precision, we’re taking our own brand to the next level and accelerating our plans for expansion and industry diversification by bringing our storytellers, strategic communicators and digital revolutionists together under one unified identity. Our strategic digital communications + marketing agency will offer the same core services — Research, Media + Insights; Brand Strategy; Creative + Content; Digital Marketing; and Public Relations — but now we’ll only need one set of letterhead and one website. We’re getting bigger, but we’re simplifying, too.

Says our head honcho, Christine Delucchi: “We’ve always been digital revolutionists and Blue Bug Digital has been very successful due to our focus on campaigns integrated across multiple platforms — both traditional and digital — with proven results. In 2009, we branded our digital offerings under Blue Bug Digital to meet the market demand for specialized technology-based marketing services. Today, there’s no longer a need to market these services separately, as most people now understand the synergy of an integrated digital approach. Our unified brand now reflects what we have long practiced.”

We’re also happy to announce some big accomplishments from 2013: In December we were named the sixth top agency in the Washington Business Journal’s Book of Lists; achieved a 30% increase in business year over year, won more than 10 major industry awards, and added seven new employees — including two senior management executives — to our ever-expanding cast of characters.

We invite you to explore our shiny new website, watch the brand video to learn more about us, and tune in regularly to the Delucchi Plus blog for our latest thoughts and industry opinions. We’re breaking down walls (literally) within our own office, and we’re ready to do the same thing to the Washington world of communication.