Higi is a cloud-based health and wellness tracking, sharing and education platform with touch points that include retailer-based biometric screening kiosks that measure blood pressure, pulse, weight and BMI; integration with leading health devices and apps; and incentives for healthy behaviors — like kiosk check-ins and physical activity — including rewards, challenges and drawings. Higi is the largest connected retail health kiosk network in the world and the only open health platform that provides partners with the tools to better engage with their communities via activity and outcomes data. Their vision: to empower consumers to take small but meaningful steps that create positive and lasting health habits by creating a 360o ecosystem of simple, fun and rewarding engagement tools that allow all individuals, regardless of age or income, to connect with trusted health and wellness communities.

Higi’s message is a complex one, requiring a platform and positioning that can appeal simultaneously to the end user as well as a diverse constituency of B2B partners, including providers, government agencies, retailers, pharmacies, payors, pharmaceuticals, health IT platforms and health devices and tracking apps. Broadly speaking, higi provides these partners an open and secure opt-in API and unique engagement tools — such as community groups, incentives, and omnichannel messaging opportunities — that together enable a broad ecosystem of health and wellness programs. For the end user, only higi pairs activity tracking with outcomes data with secure, real-time access to trends in the biometrics that can indicate chronic disease. Since debuting the original app at SXSW 2013, our challenge in working with the startup has been to constantly shift and reposition the brand — and continually retell its story to diverse audiences — while keeping pace with developments and advancements to the product, algorithm and physical footprint of the brand.

Our work with higi was multifaceted across several different categories, including:

  • Research and insights: Led consumer-focused user survey, field market research, extensive competitive reviews and customer personal development
  • Positioning, messaging and brand strategy: Work closely with higi executives to evolve the brand story along with the product — keeping a sharp on the competitive set as higi’s platform grows and changes — and writing annual marketing plans designed to deliver key messages to higi’s target audiences in targeted geographies.
  • Advertising and creative services: Concepting and design for higi’s monthly challenges, giveaways, ongoing sales collateral, and advertising campaigns (most recently: a Chicago-targeted initiative with the Sun-Times).
  • Challenge and reward strategy: Strategy for monthly challenge partnerships and prizes designed to activate core target audiences and incentivize retail station check-ins, work includes strategy briefs, partner relationship management, creative briefs, landing page and email content development, partner content development
  • Public relations: Support ad-hoc initiatives around product releases and thought leadership engagements such as the Rite Aid roll-out, StayHealthy integration and NACDS challenge partnership
  • Conference and event strategy: Strategy briefs, event coordination and creative development to support higi’s presence at various healthcare industry events
  • Social media content development and management: Strategy playbook, editorial calendar development, content production, community management, customer service, ad management, ad targeting, post boosting strategy


  • Using a combination of traditional and social media outreach for higi’s SXSW debut, we secured coverage and mentions of higi with Fast Company, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, Mashable, the BBC, Billboard, TIME and Men’s Fitness, among other outlets.
  • As a result, higi received a significant second wave of VC funding, allowing it to build its physical network footprint with an additional 2,000 retail station locations
  • Our work with the brand garnered more than 10 million total station check-ins, and during the course of our work together higi released an Android app, acquired and integrated the EarndIt rewards platform, and partnered with Rite Aid — expanding its reach to more than 10,000 stations nationwide.