March 24, 2016

What Does Your DC Apartment Say About You?


When you’re apartment hunting, the ultimate goal is to find a home that is a direct extension of your personal taste and lifestyle. You mull over the amenities, neighborhood, and design before settling on the apartment that’s an amazing complement to your own personality. There are tons of dynamic apartments in DC – and fortunately a few of the best, profiled below, happen to be clients. Which one of these should you live in?

Atlantic Plumbing:

The Neighborhood: North Shaw
The Vibe: Industrial Chic
Who You Are: You send greeting cards made by local artists that are either hilariously ironic or beautifully crafted. You always use a coaster and wear a lot of stripes. You’re crisp, minimalistic, and succulents are your houseplant of choice. You’re cool as the cucumber floating around your top-shelf gin drink.
The Woodley:

The Neighborhood: Woodley Park
The Vibe: Classic Elegance
Who You Are: You’re old school, in the best kind of way. You’re a private-university legacy with an impressive list of philanthropic commitments. The DC social scene fits you almost as well as your Canali suit. You’re an excellent swimmer.
Hecht Warehouse

The Neighborhood: Ivy City
The Vibe: Urban Renaissance
Who You Are: You enjoy oysters, canned craft beer, and furniture made from reclaimed wood. Your girlfriend has tasteful tattoos and an eye for bold, abstract wall art. You have an uncanny memory for historical fun facts and your skeeball league are reigning champs. You’re smart, straightforward, and just fine with keeping Northeast DC’s up-andcoming restaurant scene to yourself.
7770 Norfolk

The Neighborhood: Bethesda
The Vibe: Contemporary Sophistication
Who You Are: You are a class act, through and through. You frequent Vince Camuto and spend your Saturdays at the Renwick. You’re meticulous at gift-wrapping, and create subtle, understated centerpieces for entertaining at your place. You look great in black and white photos and wear a lot of neutrals.
Cheers to finding your perfect home!