May 11, 2015

McDonald’s New Hamburglar + Comeback Campaign

As a part of its sweeping campaign to revitalize sales, McDonald’s is bringing back the Hamburglar! Can you say, #RobbleRobble? The company made the announcement through social media and the public has noticed. The once chubby, redheaded boy from years past is now a slender, suburban dad. This new look is just one way McDonald’s is trying to combat its poor performance. In an attempt to modernize and recapture business, McDonald’s is getting creative with its beloved, but now quite dated, mascots, and reinventing a brand story.

McDonald’s even merged the new Hamburglar into its Twitter profile, taking a popular Twitter tactic for humanizing brands on social media: put a face on it! With the cute new Hamburglar and #RobbleRobble hashtag campaign to boot, McDonald’s is adopting all the current trends in order to ignite some business.

In addition to the hunky Hamburglar, McDonald’s has recently started experimenting with delivery in New York City, offering the breakfast menu all day in some locations, and even adding kale into the mix. The company has announced a large-scale comeback plan that will focus on franchises and target specific markets. Check out the work below from Leo Burnett, featuring New Girl star Max Greenfield as a hipstery hero for the lagging brand, and stay tuned for more McDonald’s revamp updates!