April 14, 2015

Nike’s #BetterForIt Campaign

Over the past weekend, Nike launched their new #BetterForIt campaign with a minute-long commercial during the MTV Movie Awards. According to Business Insider, Nike’s number one focus is to market to women, and it’s hoping to capture $2 billion in additional sales by 2017. In order to reach that projection, Wieden+Kennedy created a campaign that relates to the everyday woman instead of marketing athletic apparel to just successful athletes.

The ad reveals the inner thoughts of women as they push through their comfort zone in a yoga class, at the gym, during a half marathon, and in a spin class. The first half of the ad confesses the true thoughts of fear, pain, and intimidation that go through ones head when they begin a workout. The next portion is motivating and shows a sense of accomplishment. It then ends with the message “Better For It.”

When I watched this ad for the first time I laughed because I know how each of these women feel because I’ve thought the same thing. I am probably one of their target demographics: a 30-something that works out occasionally but wears yoga pants regularly. The ad reminds me of the rewarding feeling that I have when I have worked hard to accomplish a fitness milestone. Well done, Nike and Weiden+Kennedy!