November 16, 2016

Trending: Your Animal Companions Can be Influencers Too


Meet Bodhi, the furry face behind the burgeoning new social accounts, Menswear Dog. Bodhi has his own style book with 5-star reviews and brands like J. Crew and Banana Republic in his fashion repertoire. Bodhi’s also mastered the most effortless Blue Steel pose, while still looking dapper (and making everyone want to adopt a Shiba Inu). Bodhi may even be more stylish than the most fashionable friend you know. He’s one of the many up-and-coming pet influencers appearing in consumer advertisements for big-name brands.

From Ritz-Carlton to Karen Walker, various brands are setting their sights on “Insta-Famous” human companions to heighten their brand name and create more interesting content that just so happens to tug at your heartstrings. At our next Delucchi Plus Breakfast Club on November 17, we’ll take an in-depth look at the power these influencers can have on brands. For now, read on to meet some of the budding pet influencers that are taking over our Instagram feeds and favorite brand names.

Marnie the Dog

Being the most popular dog on Instagram with a touching rags-to-riches story, Marnie has won the hearts of many, including celebrities and famous brands. Marnie is (literally) an underdog who consistently exudes joy and a love for the camera. This led her to features in MTV news segments and a starring role in Airbnb’s National Dog Week video, promoting 600,000 pet friendly homes. Today, Marnie has her own book and app for those who want to keep up with her celeb lifestyle.

Toast the King Charles

Last year, Karen Walker’s summer campaign #ToastMeetsKaren launched, one of the first attempts at making pets high fashion. Similar to Marnie, Toast charms audiences with her goofy tongue-out grin and joyful disposition. Like her famous father, Josh Ostrovsky (better known as @TheFatJewish), Toast has become an Internet celebrity and sensation, making up to $5,000 per sponsored post on Instagram. Toast boasts her own exclusive apparel for fans and has appeared in multiple fashion magazines to date.

Loki the Wolfdog

Loki’s Instagram bio reads, “Breakin’ hearts since 2012,” and this wolf dog’s following and career highlights are a testament to his majestic looks. With over 1 million followers and professional looking photos of his outdoor adventures, Loki’s Instagram makes viewers wish they were exploring the great outdoors with a dog that’s as connected to nature as him. Mercedes Benz recently tapped into industry trends by starring Loki in their 360-degree virtual reality campaign for their new GLS SUV.

Given their widespread appeal, affordability, and uncontroversial quality, the number of pet influencers is only expected to grow. So if you have a cute dog, cat, even hedgehog, put them in that sweater you’ve been contemplating, snap your most stylish photo and hope for the best—the worst that can happen is you end up with an adorable Instagram photo book of your furry friend.