August 28, 2014

Let The Guessing Games Begin: iPhone 6 On Its Way

Image credit: Apple via

Today, Apple sent out keynote invitations to the media, ushering in a full two weeks of rampant conjecture about what possible new feature the rumored iPhone 6 will boast. On September 9 at 10 a.m. PT, Apple will unveil its latest masterpiece!

Apple is unprecedentedly secret, but when your product is made in China, there’s only so much that can escape public knowledge. Chief among the assumptions for the iPhone 6 are:

  • A larger screen size of 5.5″, possible called “iPhone 6L”
  • The inclusion of a reversible Lightning cable, letting you you plug in from either end
  • New scratch-less screen

Famously cryptically before its large keynote announcements, Apple release the above image, sardonically taglines “Wish we could say more,” a statement which is patently false. At this point, everyone knows how much Apple revels in itself. It’s working however, because it won’t stop any of us over at Delucchi Plus from tuning in on September 9. Read more about the event and get swept up in the rumors over at Mashable.