August 27, 2015

How To Apply For An Agency Job


Who wouldn’t want to work with these goofballs?

We’ve just finished up our fall hiring process (stay tuned for our new Junior Content Creators on our Team page!), and in so doing have identified a few tips for submitting a noteworthy application. Agency jobs are always in high demand — and here’s how to put your best foot forward.

Always, Always Customize The Cover Letter

You can spot generic cover letters right away, and it almost always results in swift dismissal. Cover letters are your chance to shine, to prove your interest, and to speak to your ability to complete the position’s tasks. Here’s your chance to really sell yourself. Cover letters don’t have to be long (in fact, we prefer concise) as long as we get a good sense of who you are and why you’d be a good fit.

Pay Attention To The Job Listing!

All our job listings include the main responsibilities of the role: Make sure you speak to your ability and/or experience in those responsibilities. We’re looking for fit, but we’re also looking to make sure you’d be able to hit the ground running.

Don’t Be Afraid To Show Personality

… As long as it’s not at the expense of substance. Do something out there, off-the-wall, take a creative risk — but make sure that your big creative move has something to do with what we do here. Photoshopping your face onto our logo and sending it along with your resume is funny (kinda), but not super relevant.

Show, Don’t Tell

Saying you love Delucchi’s client base is telling us. Speaking intelligently about our clients or our industry verticals shows us that you know what you’re talking about! It’s not enough to say “I love Mrs. Field’s Cookies!” That’s great news, because we do, too, but unfortunately the job isn’t a competition about who loves cookies the most (although legitimately, we’d win). What can you say that proves to us that you can think critically about our clients, the role, the future of the industry, and more?

Check Your Social Media Presence

We aren’t Puritans, but it bears repeating that if you say it on your public social media account, it stands to reason that anyone could reasonably find it. Warning: We’re those people! Make sure that your social profiles aren’t entirely horrifying. But again, we’re not pearl-clutchers: We want people with opinions and personality, so you don’t have to sanitize. Use your judgment!

Keep It Real

We’re a company, but when you address a cover letter or email, there’s a real person on the other end (No fancy recruiting software over here, just people hoping to find all-stars). Although obviously grammar and fluency take precedence, feel free to write as you would speak. It’s nice when it seems like you’re vetting a real person, and not a clinical collection of previous positions and vague career goals.

No Winky-Face Emoticons, Ever

We sort of can’t believe we had to say it.