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A 3-Step Hack to Mastering Your To-Do List

I knew transitioning from a startup to an agency would have its challenges. I was very eager and welcomed the tasks ahead; I was confident my out-of-the-box thinking and team-first mentality would support me in my new role. That … Read More

Delucchi U: Utilizing Mindfulness in the Workplace

Feeling tense? Do you even feel that you can’t grab hold of your thoughts long enough to fully comprehend how you are feeling or what you are doing? In the workplace, and in life, we have all been there. … Read More

Words from the Wise: Patty Delk

Wisdom comes from gaining experience, and here at Delucchi Plus, we know a thing or two about experience. Every successful career has a starting point that offers new opportunity, and the start of a new journey. Through our blog sub-series, … Read More

Working Through Wednesday: A Delucchi Curated Playlist

Not all days of the week are created equal, and for those of us who work Monday through Friday, there are certainly some days that are less productive than others – looking at you, Monday. Even on the most … Read More