December 19, 2016

Instagram Accounts to Follow for a Fresh 2017 Feed

xntgwbf8xyo-aaron-burdenThis year’s Instagram trends saw a big push towards a museum-like approach. Accounts all over the platform started curating their feed to have a certain style, feel, and look that represented their brand name or own personal style. Who knows what’s in store for 2017, but here are some Instagram accounts to refresh your feed for the New Year and to cater to your favorite color palettes.

Food: @foodminimalist

When it comes down to making all types of food look good, Lucia Lee takes the cake (literally). With clean presentations and predominantly white backgrounds, Lucia Lee’s Instagram account makes every little detail in her creations the focal point of her photos. From single ingredients like fresh cherry tomatoes to intricately designed desserts, this Instagram account showcases beautiful photography skills that could make a bowl of cereal look mouth watering.

Some honorable mentions to spice up every foodie’s feed include:

Cheese Aficionados: @raclettenyc

Creative Chefs: @thefeedfeed

The Adventurer: @girleatworld 

Lifestyle: @queduong

Lifestyle accounts are all encompassing, representing trends, vibes, and cultures of all sorts. Tapping into this year’s minimalistic (yet colorful) trend, Que Duong represents seasonality and all colors of the rainbow with his vibrantly sleek feed. For some other standout accounts that accurately captured 2016’s trends:

The Sartorialist: @lustforlife

Because eating cake and listening to Drake is a lifestyle: @drakeoncake

East Coast vs. West Coast: @sgoralnick | @jimmymarble

Travel: @airbnb

Curated for the wanderlust in all of us, Airbnb’s Instagram feed highlights some of its most unique lodging sites around the world. Even if you’re not looking to travel, Airbnb’s photos showcase beautifully designed homes that can serve as inspiration for culturally inspired home décor. But be warned, Airbnb’s Instagram updates will very quickly heighten your desire to impulsively book a trip abroad.

Some other travel accounts to look into if you’re looking for a visual escape:

Day Dreamers: @WorldWanderlust

Photographers: @ChrisBurkard

Nomads: @chaiwalla