Clark Douglas

Content Strategist & Producer

Although no stranger to the D.C. area, home (in this case, West Virginia) holds a special place in Clark’s heart. After graduating from West Virginia University with a degree in business administration and marketing, Clark oversaw the social media strategy of heritage-focused, local nonprofit Remember the Miners, for which he grew the online community to more than 60,000 in one year (and for whom he also still sits on the Board of Directors). After moving to the DC area in 2014, he honed his skills in virtual reality and experiential marketing as a project manager at Brightline Interactive.

“Do not let three hours ruin three days.”

As a Content Strategist + Producer, Clark balances creativity with digital targeting techniques to craft impactful strategies and innovative content for clients. Although Clark once aspired to be an attorney, the advice he’d give his younger self now is “buy a camera, start blogging and never stop.” Wise words from someone who sees the impact of digital influencers every day, and who knows that “to be an effective content creator, you have to pay attention to cultural trends inside and outside of your social circles.” The secret to his success? It may just be twice-weekly team trivia…and the occasional indulgence in chicken wings.