Julie Brown

Director of Account Service

As Director of Account Services at Streetsense, Julie manages our team of account and relationship leads. Julie began her career in San Francisco as a graphic designer, moved into project management, and eventually had the opportunity to manage and develop account teams. Since then, Julie has worked on everything from retail space design and rollout to brand identity and consumer packaging. Her true passion lies in mentoring teams, developing relationships, building teams and creating new, insights-driven brands.

Julie graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Design from the University of Cincinnati’s School of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning. While there, she interned for various design and marketing agencies in NYC, St. Louis, Columbus and San Francisco.

“Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon… must inevitably come to pass!”

Paul J. Meyer

Today’s she’s working toward a membership of DC’s Capital Speakers Club and is a member of the Women’s Center Gala Committee, and loves spending time with her husband, Mark, and their yellow lab, Ovee. One day she hopes to break 100 on the golf course.