August 13, 2014



Delucchi Nation: We need your help.

Your favorite strategic digital communications agency is a candidate for a session at this year’s South by Southwest Interactive Festival, a glorious meeting of the minds in “pushing boundaries of the status quo and developing innovations that shape our future.” Voting is now open for PanelPicker, in which YOU, the digital-savvy knowledge-seeker, gets to choose what sessions you’d like to see in Austin this March.

So please take a moment to vote for us!! Here’s how:

1.  Go to and create an account. It takes less than 15 seconds, promise!
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2.  Once you’re signed in, locate our panel description directly here:

3.  To cast your vote, simply click on the “thumbs up” icon in the left sidebar.

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4.  Extra credit: Leave a comment about what interests you about this panel! Judges do read and take comments into account when choosing the final panels.

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Want to know more about our proposed session? Read on:

“Content marketing” is the most overused phrase of 2014 — yet few brands are doing it well. Marketers repeatedly hear the anthem of “more content!” and too rarely the more reasoned rhetoric of useful, informative, entertaining and engaging content. This panel brings together four unique perspectives — including an award-winning author, a digital strategy queen, a seasoned PR exec and an agency creative on the secret sauce for quality content that actually succeeds.

Today, “content marketing” is experiencing the same pitfalls we witnessed in the television industry. Well-written dramas and researched documentaries were replaced with “reality” entertainment everywhere you looked; 24-hour news replaced, well, actual news; and the world seemed, for at least a while, to care about not what was on TV but how much of it there was.

In response to the over-saturation of insignificant content, savvy consumers tuned it out and turned it off.  The popularity of alternative entertainment platforms such as Netflix, Apple TV and Google Chromecast further points toward consumer preferences for quality above meaningless masses of quantity.

So how do we stay ahead of the game? Find out and vote for us!