October 5, 2016

All Things Spooky with Delucchi— Our Fave Halloween Treats and Tunes


The summer heat is gone, the leaves are finally falling and the countdown to Halloween has officially started. To keep our creative juices flowing while getting in the spirit, I asked Delucchians to share their favorite examples of Halloween product branding and their October music picks. Here’s what came up!


With an acronym so well-known that it might as well be added to Webster’s Dictionary, the pumpkin spice latte holds a unanimous office favorite title when it comes to branding. Starbucks’ recent PSL campaign includes a personalized Twitter account highlighting the beverage’s fall adventures and a Facebook page that lets PSL fans ask the character questions. Looks like the King of Holiday coffee really spiced up its life.

Kit Kat

With Chance the Rapper’s quick rise in popularity, Kit Kat recognized an opportunity to be a little “punny.” The brand’s new Halloween commercial turns the rapper into a wrapper that sings his own rendition of the “Give Me a Break” jingle to a bear-suit-clad Chance. Watch and try not to get Chance’s version of the jingle stuck in your head.


Oreo keeps up with seasonal trends by consistently dressing up its cookies for the holidays. Many Delucchians mentioned their love of Oreo’s Halloween edition cookies. Whether it’s their pumpkin spice or Boorific shapes cookies with orange filling, Oreos proves it can still be milk’s favorite cookie while experimenting with its style.

Georgetown Cupcakes

Known as a local favorite that attracts lines of eager cupcake lovers, Georgetown Cupcakes just unveiled its most Halloween-inspired batch of cupcakes ever. The brand’s Trick or Treat Dozen showcases cupcakes that are inspired by witches, cats and all things ghoulish, giving us all an incentive to line up for their bite-sized cakes.

Honorable Mention: Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale

For beer companies, Halloween is a time to show off witch’s brews and ghostly pale ales. These companies unveil their pumpkin beers and show off their best logo designs, but Rogue took a different approach this year with its Dead Guy Ale. No pumpkin flavors, just a simple Halloween-themed beer that features a skeleton man on a glow-in-the-dark bottle and an exact alcohol percentage of 6.66%. Kudos to Rogue for focusing on the little details for the Halloween imbiber.


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