June 22, 2015

Dove’s Campaign Shows Men’s #RealStrength

Dove has churned out yet another tear-jerking ad in its Real Strength campaign just in time for Father’s Day. The one-minute compilation video depicts the “giddy joy” of a man finding out he’ll be a dad for the first time, featuring moments pulled from actual reactions couples posted on YouTube.

The ad supplements Dove’s recent motion to more favorably and accurately convey a dad’s role after studies found that many believe it is under-appreciated and wrongly portrayed in the media. Dove saw that most men see fatherhood as an emotionally transformative experience and a source of fulfillment and strength. But, instead of being depicted as caring and involved, some find their roles being trivialized and ridiculed in advertisements and on TV. In fact, when Dove interviewed dads asking them to describe how they believe they are often seen in the media they used words such as “disconnected, bumbling, and incompetent.” And, as a brand now committed to portraying how “real men care” Dove plans to change these antiquated ideas.

So while Dove is making efforts that will hopefully begin to mend how dads everywhere are branded in the media, Dove is also making a significant branding effort for itself. Although the skincare company is known for redefining the idea of feminine beauty and strength, it has, until recently, largely overlooked causes of insecurity for men. Dove’s new campaign further and less exclusively aligns its vision to be a “source of confidence, not anxiety” with its actions, not just for women, but also for men around the world.

So, for all the dads and dads-to-be out there, happy Father’s Day from Dove and us. And for another adorable, pro-dad video check out Dove’s “Calls for Dad.”