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Our Favorite Ads of 2013

Whether it’s a Super Bowl spot or a viral video that never actually graced a television set, a clever hashtag campaign or a placement on the Metro, we’ve had our eyes on all kinds of ads this year. Some were … Read More

Unplugging for the Holidays

Every year during the holidays, we’re given the most magical gift of all: the D+ offices close between Christmas and New Year’s. I know, I know, Santa Delucchi is good to us. Of course, we prep and announce and … Read More

November in Social

Twitter unveils custom timelines: This month, Twitter released a new feature that allows users to create custom timelines to embed on their websites. Users like @CarsonDaly and @PoliticoPro are already creating custom timelines to showcase their favorite tweets around any … Read More

Capturing…and Sponsoring Life’s Moments

Since Instagram’s director of business operations, Emily White, voiced the newsabout an initiative to implement ads to the platform in the Wall Street Journal this past September, digital advertisers and users alike have been wondering: How will the platform keep … Read More