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The 4 Trendiest Vacation Destinations of Summer 2017

It’s nearly Memorial Day, y’all— and you know what that means: an Instagram feed cluttered with photos of vacations you aren’t on. Who knows, maybe you are going to the beach this weekend. In that case, I’m jealous. I’ll … Read More

TripAdvisor Still Dominates Hotel Reviews — But for How Long?

In a recently released study of global luxury hotel rankings in 2015 (produced by reputation management company ReviewPro, and as reported by travel marketing site Tnooz), TripAdvisor and remain the dominant review sites for the luxury category. However, … Read More

Millennials and River Cruising – Who Knew?

A running theme among brands and marketing agencies (including this agency) over the past couple of years has been “how can we capture Millennials?” As the largest generation and growing, this group has tremendous buying power and yet seems to … Read More

Airline Reviews Come to TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor recently announced that they have added a new airline review platform to their review repertoire. The platform, which incorporates both reviews and an updated flight search functionality, is designed to make airline research easier – answering common questions … Read More