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Up Your Rep. Meet Us in Vegas.

In just a few weeks, we’ll pack our bags and head out to the Las Vegas Convention Center for commercial real estate’s biggest event of the year: RECon. We had an amazing time last May (and have the photos … Read More

3 Ways a Controversial Netflix Series Got Everyone Talking

I first heard about 13 Reasons Why from a friend of mine in high school. I was always looking for new addicting novels to read under my desk while neglecting to pay attention in class (before I got my … Read More

Influencer Lessons From an Elusive Web Cartoonist

My favorite web comic is ending soon, and I’m devastated.

I’m also intrigued, specifically by how its author, Brooklyn-based cartoonist Meredith Gran, has created a devoted base of followers that rivals that of a successful social media influencer, all through a … Read More

How to Walk Your Neighborhood Like a Pro

In my past life as a real estate marketing professional, I learned to keep a lot of information at the top of my head: square footage of each apartment available in each building I managed? Carpeted or hardwood? When … Read More