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LAFC: A New Standard in Brand Creation

Some of the best sports matches are when your favorite team lines up against their biggest rivals. I am talking Yankees v Red Sox, Lakers v Celtics, LA Galaxy v LA Football Club. Wait, what? Galaxy v LAFC? Two MLS teams? … Read More

16 Jun '17

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Augmented Reality: Is It The Next Big Thing?

Do you remember when, last summer, the world stopped so everyone could play Pokémon Go? What about augmented reality, the technology behind that app sensation that was going to change your digital strategy forever? Whatever happened to that?

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Delucchi University Recap: Now Trending in Consumer Packaged Goods

In this week’s Delucchi University, our ongoing internal education program, Vice President of Content Strategy, Lauren Sloat, and Account Supervisor, Christy Turrissini, spoke to us about trends, both past and present, in the consumer packaged goods industry.

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08 Jun '17

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The People v. United: Is It the Only Airline with Issues?

Even if you haven’t been keeping up with the news, you’re probably aware of the spike in bad publicity from several airlines recently. With United Airlines’ April 9th incident (when a passenger was forcibly removed from an overbooked flight) … Read More