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Reactions, Reactions

Facebook reactions — a new set of post reaction buttons beyond the “like” — are finally (finally) here, and from the initial, resounding ‘meh’ that echoed across social media, it appears to be a case of too little, too … Read More

Friday Chartwork

Welcome to Chartwork, a new Delucchi group activity that’s half serious, half silly, and all visual.

Huge thank you to the massively impressive Catherine Madden for her wicked presentation skills, and for inspiring this exercise.

The Internet of (Silly) … Read More

The Life + Times of Logo Redesigns

While redesigning an old website for a client, I noticed how dated the social media icons were in the footer. Nothing says “This site was designed in 2011” like the old Twitter “t” in a rounded rectangle (nevermind that … Read More

The Social Lite: Liberate Your Brand + Revamp Your Instagram Strategy

(Source: Wendy’s Instagram)

We are currently living in a visual-obsessed generation — meaning that brands must now focus on how to create content that’s both visually appealing to their audiences and purposeful to their bottom line. The idea of visuals … Read More