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16 Jun '17

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Augmented Reality: Is It The Next Big Thing?

Do you remember when, last summer, the world stopped so everyone could play Pokémon Go? What about augmented reality, the technology behind that app sensation that was going to change your digital strategy forever? Whatever happened to that?

Though … Read More

Branding That Gives You Life: LIFEWTR

Disclaimer: I generally do not like bottled water, nor do I like bottled water branding. I think disposable water bottles are a serious a waste of plastic when you can drink right from the tap at home. I also … Read More

Meet Alexa: Your Next Great Marketing Tool

At Delucchi, we are passionate about uncovering the most effective ways for brands to connect with their audience. As a full service agency we are marketing matchmakers, customer catalyzers, buyer burrowers, dare I say…patron prospectors! Ok, alliteration aside, we … Read More

3 Ways a Controversial Netflix Series Got Everyone Talking

I first heard about 13 Reasons Why from a friend of mine in high school. I was always looking for new addicting novels to read under my desk while neglecting to pay attention in class (before I got my … Read More